White Paper

Ultrasonic Phased Array Testing

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a non-destructive test method that utilizes sound waves to detect cracks and defects in parts and materials. It can also be used to determine a material’s thickness, such as measuring the wall thickness of a pipe.

Phased array ultrasonics provides greater detail when searching for defects within a sample. The probes contain several small transducers that independently pulse. When the beam signals are varied, the beam is electronically maneuvered. The probe is swept over the area of indication, sending back multiple signals from the transducers. Providing a precise picture throughout the object.

This white paper provides an overview of the inspection method and the benefits of material approval. To learn more about phased array ultrasonic inspection, download the free white paper below.

This paper includes information on:

  • Conventional Ultrasonic Testing
  • What is a Phased Array?
  • Phased Array vs. FMC/TFM

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