Understanding Wireless Device Coexistence in Medical Environments

By Engaged Expert

David Schaefer

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David Schaefer is an EMC Technical Manager for Element Materials Technology’s Connected Technologies and Mobility business unit.

As wireless technology continues to advance, the number of consumer and industrial radio products is increasing exponentially. Wireless coexistence testing measures how multiple electronics interact in a single environment, helping manufacturers create effective products in increasingly crowded bandwidth. This testing is vitally important for safety-critical wireless medical devices to ensure their safe operation. The FDA has issued updated guidance on radio interference in medical devices, which makes this exploration of wireless coexisting testing timely and relevant for medical device manufacturers. Element is one of the top providers of wireless coexistence testing, and our experts can help ensure your wireless compliance and product testing strategy is robust. 

In this hour-long webinar in partnership with Medical Product Outsourcing magazine, Element expert David Schaefer will explore: 

  • Trends in wireless technology
  • A deep dive into medical wireless technology 
  • How wireless coexistence testing works
  • Satisfying ANSI C63.27:2017 requirements
  • How to mitigate poor radio performance
  • The future of coexistence

Watch on-demand to learn how wireless coexistence testing helps to mitigate the risk of interference and provide safe products for patients worldwide.

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