Element operates an advanced acoustic testing laboratory and our experienced staff  provides accurate and reliable noise emission and sound emission data to our customers.

Element's acoustic laboratory services

Element experts evaluate building and acoustical products using the following methods:

  • Sound Transmission Class , STC or Rw.

    Element measures transmission of outdoor sound through windows, doors and wall constructions. This acoustic measure is used to rate the effectiveness of a material to attenuate sound. STC or Sound Transmission Class is generally defined as the decibel reduction in noise a partition can provide, abbreviated 'dB'. The dB scale is a logarithmic one and the human ear perceives a 10dB reduction in sound as roughly halving the volume - a 40 dB noise subjectively seems half as loud as a 50 dB one.

  • Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class or OITC.

    Element acoustic experts calculate OITC ratings with ASTM E1332. This relates to ground and air transportation noise like planes, trains, and cars, and provides a single number rating for building facades and facade elements like windows and doors.

  • Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC.

    This test determines sound absorption properties of materials such as acoustical wall panels, ceiling products, draperies, carpets, etc. NRC or Noise Reduction Coefficient is an arithmetic value average of sound absorption coefficients at frequencies of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz indicating a material's ability to absorb sound.

  • Noise Emission: Sound Power/ Sound Pressure Evaluations.

    Noise emissions of devices such as computer equipment, fans, pumps, or air conditioners are measured according to ANSI or ISO methods for reverberant rooms.

  • Noise Emission of Plumbing Appliances and Equipment.

    This test is designed to ISO 3822 specifications for the purpose of determining the noise emitted by faucets, shower heads, valves, and other plumbing-related equipment. Element scientists measure "Lap," or the dBA sound level produced by an appliance—a necessary rating for products marketed in Europe.

Service Details

Architectural Acoustic Test Methods & Standards

  • Floor test
  • Wall test
  • Hurricane Test
  • Impact test
  • Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class -OITC
  • Sound Transmission Class - STC
  • Sound Reduction Index - ISO 140, ISO 10140
  • AAMA 1801-07
  • ASTM C 423
  • ASTM E 90
  • ASTM E 336
  • ASTM E 966
  • ASTM E1007
  • ASTM E1408
  • ASTM E1425
  • CSA A440.2
  • GMNA GM6083M
  • ISO 140
  • ISO 140-3
  • ISO 354
  • ISO 3822-99

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