Element’s Early Stage Qualification® (ESQ®) services provide industry-specific advice and guidance to help you understand the regulatory requirements for road maps to complete initial product qualification, or gain approval for global markets. By providing clear guidance and direction at an early stage, we reduce the time, cost and frequency of testing prior to certification.

Element’s global team of experts offer strategic guidance on testing and approvals at the beginning of your program, as an alternative to overloading the back end of the testing or certification process. Our Early Stage Qualification services save time and cost, and help mitigate the risks of failing compliance checks or missing deadlines. Working with design teams from the conception of a product, we build in attributes that steer projects away from avoidable testing, compliance and approval pitfalls, helping your product pass first time.

Our Early Stage Qualification ® capabilities

Our leading experts provide Early Stage Qualification® for industries such as medical, defense, aerospace, domestic, commercial and industrial products, covering testing including electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), vibration & shock, radio, safety, telecommunications, and global certification and approvals. By performing early stage compliance testing, we can reduce the risk of penalties, missed deadlines and lost market share. With thousands of successful projects completed, you can have confidence that the guidance you receive from Element is accurate, relevant, and reliable. 

Some of the early compliance testing services we offer include:

  • Compliance Strategy Documents – to consolidate your regulatory approval requirements into a single concise document.
  • Test Plans – mandated in many test standards and used to provide specific and detailed guidance of how to prepare your product for testing including modes of operation, specialist software, cables required etc.
  • Gap Analysis – when a test standard is updated or replaced by a newer version, there is always a dilemma of testing or not. A gap analysis is used to compare either a new standard against an older version and is typically used to determine what requirements have changed and hence if additional testing is required.

For more information about our Early Stage Qualification® services, or to request a quote, contact an expert today. 

EMC EMI Testing
early stage qualification

Early Stage Qualification: EMC

Our Early Stage Qualification service for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) helps improve design features and simplify certification for electronic components and equipment.

EMC approval contains a complex set of objectives, ensuring that electronic products work properly in their end applications. Test plans form a critical role in establishing the tests to be performed, modes of operation and limits. We bring our years of experience and industry-leading expertise to help you successfully complete compliance programs.

Areas of expertise for support EMC testing and approvals include aerospace, defense, rail, marine, medical, industrial, commercial and domestic projects.

Large HIRF Chamber Testing
early stage qualification


Our EMC and environmental Early Stage Qualification services combine testing for electrical and environmental methods into a single program.

Although electrical and environmental qualifications are often separate projects, we understand that aspects of each category are often combined into the same program.

Our EMC and environmental experts support you with EMC and environmental qualification plans and procedures in the same format to expedite review and approval. With first-hand experience in the industries we serve, Element is uniquely situated to assist with even the most complex projects. 

Radio Testing
early stage qualification

Early Stage Qualification: Radio/Wireless

Our Early Stage Qualification services help you anticipate and meet the rapidly changing needs of the wireless industry.

Perhaps more than any other industry, radio and wireless manufacturers face increasingly complex and demanding regulations and requirements. Many of our experts are active members in professional and governing entities for radio compliance, giving you the insight and experience to guide you through the testing and certification process.

Our Early State Qualification service for radio and wireless testing allows us to support you from initial design through final qualification. Contact us today and let us know how we can assist with your next project.

Safety Testing
early stage qualification

Early Stage Qualification: Safety

Element's safety testing labs provide Early Stage Qualification for a variety of products and industries.

Safety testing regulations cover a broad range of products and industries – and so do our Early Stage Qualification programs. From global approvals for exporting products for

CE marking and domestic regulations, our labs can provide early stage compliance testing for a variety of equipment types. 

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