EMC requirements are mandated throughout the world and many of these requirements are similar. Our team of Engaged Experts can help you understand the various regulatory requirements and reduce the test burden by comparing the various standards and producing compliance strategies that fulfill the brief of ‘test once, approve to many’.

Since EMC approval is a complex set of objectives of ensuring that a product works properly in its end application, test plans form a critical role in establishing the tests to be performed, modes of operation and what is achievable from a test perspective. Since many manufacturers do not have this expertise, Element offers this service to you to aid the testing process.

Like many of the specialist areas that we test in, knowing the standards that you need your product to be tested to at the end of the design process is really important. As a consequence, we use our experience to help you decide when best to stop and evaluate your design in the process. This ensures that as the product matures, you have greater confidence that it will pass the tests and hence be able to launch the product when expected.

  • Compliance Strategy Documents – to consolidate your regulatory approval requirements into a single concise document.
  • Test Plans – mandated in many test standards and used to provide specific and detailed guidance of how to prepare your product for testing including modes of operation, specialist software, cables required etc.
  • Gap Analysis – when a test standard is updated or replaced by a newer version, there is always a dilemma of testing or not. A gap analysis is used to compare either a new standard against an older version and is typically used to determine what requirements have changed and hence if additional testing is required.

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