Radio products are one of the most complicated regulatory devices to get approval for making your job of understanding what to design the product to more of a challenge. This is further complicated if you intend to offer the product to multiple markets which are covered by different regulatory frameworks. Our ESQ services help you understand what is required where and aim to provide clear road maps of how compliance will be achieved.

Our Engaged Experts understand and keep up to date with the fast pace of wireless and radio approvals throughout the world ensuring that this additional burden is taken off your shoulders.  

We offer compliance strategies to consolidate the differing requirements and highlight what regulations and standards are necessary to be complied with. The documents also indicate what additional action needs to be taken when embedding wireless modules in hosts and the effect of multiple wireless devices used in close proximity to one another (intermodulation, effect of SAR assessment etc).

Test plans and guidance on the administrative requirements for certain countries complement our Approvals service, which aims at getting your product onto your target market in the quickest and smoothest way.

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