Overhead workers need to be able to rely upon rigorously tested, properly functioning fall protection equipment to keep them safe in potentially hazardous working environments. Fall protection testing from Element can help manufacturers ensure that their products are safe, compliant, and fit for purpose. That means peace of mind for workers and their employers.

Our fall protection testing and certification services assess the performance of a range of fall protection equipment like harnesses, energy-absorbing lanyards, and anchors. The goal is to ensure that if a worker were to fall, the equipment would successfully stop their fall without causing serious injury. Our laboratories provide expert testing to help manufacturers confirm that their products are compliant with ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Codes. 


Trusted fall protection testing

We understand the variety of common and uncommon scenarios that arise from working on heights. Our comprehensive fall protection equipment testing services use a variety of methods to mimic real world scenarios for more reliable results, and we understand its importance in protecting personnel in overhead work environments like construction sites. We offer materials testing, environmental simulation, and product qualification services including failure analysis to evaluate your product throughout its entire lifecycle.


Test to ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code

We can provide third-party ISO 17025 test reports for ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Code. Our laboratory is equipped with a drop tower with over 20 feet of clearance, with loadcells and data acquisition systems to accurately record forces during dynamic and static testing. 


Why choose Element for fall protection testing?

Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Element. We are a trusted expert in product qualification testing for safety-critical equipment across many industries, which makes us your ideal testing partner when going to market with workplace safety products. We offer accurate and reliable results to give you and your customers confidence in your new safety harnesses, energy-absorbing lanyards, anchors, and more.

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