Solve your laboratory staffing challenges in both the short and long term by trusting Element to select and place the right professionals at your organization.

Element’s laboratory staffing services find the right expertise for even the most specialized sectors in your industry. Whether you need a few short-term test technicians to accommodate a boom in activity or you’re building a brand-new lab and require a full, permanent team of experienced professionals, Element can meet your needs.

Direct Placement of Laboratory Staff

If you need to hire for a hard-to-fill role, Element can help. Our experienced recruiters work with you to understand your expectations and requirements, then efficiently locate, screen, and match candidates. We are hands-on with every step of the hiring process, from writing the job description to scheduling interviews to day-one orientation, and we remain connected with our recruits, whether contingent or direct, to support retention and ensure they integrate seamlessly with your workforce.

We take the time to understand your organization and culture, allowing us to provide the most relevant and technically qualified individuals and confidently fill roles ranging from hands-on technical professionals to executives. Our efficient process allows you to reduce costs associated with hiring and stay focused on your operations.

Professional Technical Services

Leverage Element’s unparalleled expertise in your own lab. We help manage excess workloads in both short- and long-term capacities, as well as on a contract-to-permanent basis. The extensive and specialized laboratory services we offer allow us to provide the right technical staff to your laboratory when you need additional hands. When you partner with Element, you benefit from professional, flexible staffing solutions and avoid the logistical troubles of additional payroll, employee benefits and human resources functions that come with hiring new staff. Our specializations include:

Mid-to Senior-Level Technical Personnel

  • Mechanical Engineers and Technicians
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineers and Technicians
  • Electromechanical Engineers and Technicians
  • Test Engineers and Technicians
  • Quality Engineers and Technicians
  • Materials Engineers and Technicians
  • Lab Managers & Supervisors
  • Program Managers

Research and Development Personnel

  • Design and Release Engineering
  • Product Engineering
  • Validation Engineering
  • Program Engineering and Management
  • Launch Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Application Engineering
  • Resident Engineering

Laboratory Partnerships & Custom Solutions

Your success is our first priority. If you are an OEM or Tier supplier facing challenges with the day-to-day operation of an in-house lab, our decades of testing lab expertise can support you in the form of on-site personnel management, management of testing or fabricating operations, or other embedded partnership solutions that help you reduce costs and run your facility more efficiently.

We serve major manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, military, and consumer products industries and understand how to manage sophisticated testing facilities. Our key services include:

  • Management of in-house testing at your location
  • Prototype design, development and fabrication
  • Tooling and fixture design and fabrication
  • Supervising your in-house lab personnel (HR management)
  • Worry-free management of daily operations

Every client’s needs are unique, and we provide the exact type and amount of support your operation requires, up to and including lab co-ownership or capital investment. The wide range of labs Element operates gives us insight into successful lab operations in every major industry. Examples of our existing partnership arrangements include:

  • Managing and operating testing facilities partly or fully owned by a client
  • Managing and operating a co-located lab at a client’s development center
  • Providing clients with engineering or testing resources
  • Operating a client’s assembly or subassembly department
  • Managing a client’s lab maintenance and repair functions
  • Consulting on specification and test plan development

The Element advantage

Element has been staffing and operating testing facilities for nearly 200 years and is eager to put that experience to work for you. Our talent acquisition team is focused on locating the hard-to-find human resources that allow you to focus on your core functions and meet your organization's goals. Whether your staffing needs are large or small, simple or complex, we are committed to providing the right talent and helping you operate more efficiently.

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