Ian has over 20 years of experience in oil and gas laboratory services, including field sampling and laboratory testing of oil, gas, and water chemistry.

Ian has over 20 years of industry experience, closely collaborating with producers, midstream, and pipeline operations in Western Canada. He began his career in the lab as a technician after obtaining a Chemical Technology Diploma. The knowledge he gained at the bench has contributed to his current role as Business Development Manager. Ian is passionate about working with Element's customers to address their challenges such as Organic Chlorides in Crude Oil.  


After working in the oil and gas laboratory service industry for 20 years, performing field sampling and conducting tests on oil, gas, and water chemistry, Ian has transitioned into a communications specialist role in Business Development. He is widely recognized as an expert within the Oil and Gas Laboratory Service Industry. Ian's expertise lies in providing analytical service support such as TOX / Organic Chloride Testing. In his current role working with Element’s Energy Fluids team, he excels at communicating with customers to understand their testing needs and challenges and providing them with the analytical solutions they require.

Ian's vast experience benefits Element’s ability to provide assistance, and understanding of organic chloride testing to their customers. His in-depth knowledge of the fouling that occurs at refineries, the thresholds set, how the industry handles organic chlorides, and the testing process, especially in relation to challenging heavy oil samples, is invaluable. This knowledge helps producers, midstream, and refinery operations to minimize the chances of a positive organic chloride result in their product, maximizing profits while minimizing fouling during crude oil refining.

As an active member of the CCQTA (Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association), CsHm (Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement), and the IMG (Industry Measurement Group) Ian has experience in providing expert opinion to the committees in matters relating to TOX / Organic Chloride testing and has influenced change at the highest level.

Ian provides direct support to producers, midstream, and refinery operations to overcome complex, technical, and challenging problems to enable the Western Canada and North American markets to stay compliant and obtain maximum profit for their products.

Based in Element Edmonton, Energy Fluids Laboratory, Ian provides a friendly, professional, and respected service to Element's customers.

Career Highlights

  • Fully qualified Oil, Natural Gas, and Water laboratory technician
  • Competent Field Sampler in relation to representative sample collection
  • Successfully established, developed, and maintained key business relationships to offer technical analytical support and assistance to the Western Canada Oil & Gas sector
  • Expert opinion to the CCQTA, CsHm, and IMG committee’s


  • Determination of Organic Chloride Content in Crude Oil
  • Odorant Monitoring Testing that meets the requirements of all governing authorities

Professional Qualifications

  • Chemical Technology Diploma
  • Introduction to Oil and Gas Industry Course
  • Safety Training Courses: H2S, Confined Space, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, AMA Defensive Driving
  • Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Student & Instructor
  • Miller Heiman – Strategic vs Conceptual Selling
  • SDS Consulting Sales Training Program
  • David Wolfe Sales Seminar

Affiliations / Memberships / Working groups / Conferences

Sector Expertise 

  • Gas and liquid hydrocarbon analysis
  • Oil analysis (crude, condensate, heavy oil, & bitumen products)
  • Oilfield water testing
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