Jack brings with him over a decade of experience in drug discovery across multiple disciplines including medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry, DMPK and metabolite identification. This combination of experience has equipped him well in helping to drive the expansion of the Extractables & Leachables expertise at Element Manchester.

Industry Experience

Prior to joining Element, Jack had over 10 years experience in drug discovery and pharmacokinetics. Jack began his Extractables & Leachables journey as a Study Director when he joined the team at Hall (now Element Manchester) in 2018. Since then, Jack has applied his strong technical background to grow the scientific capacity and capability of the Extractables & Leachables teams now driving Element Manchester’s medical devices testing services.

As Section Head – Technical, Jack now has responsibility for study oversight, data specialists and development scientists working together to deliver high quality Extractables & Leachables studies to support client submissions.

Career Highlights

  • Created and expanded the Study Director, R&D and Data Specialist teams at Element Manchester
  • Directed a series of studies over two years to support a successful FDA application of a novel risk reduction product
  • Synthesised drug candidates that have progressed to Phase II clinical trials
  • Developed a bespoke automated process for performing large scale plate synthesis in support of the European Lead Factory



  • MRSC

Sector Expertise

  • Extractables and Leachables
  • Drug Discovery
  • Structural Identification
  • Pharmacokinetics

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Extractables & Leachables Studies

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