Dr. Sabine Munch is a senior scientist with over 10 years experience who specializes in the behavior of thermoplastics, elastomers and composites in HPHT, EOR and sour service environments.

Sabine has been involved in government funded and consortium projects and managed sizable internal and commercial R&D projects. She is engaged in designing, developing and running experiments in high pressure environments for the Oil & Gas sector. Flexible pipes, hoses, seals, pigs, downhole tools and packers are a few examples of components she has been studying. Her area of expertise are:
  • Supercitical carbon dioxide (scCO2) fluid exposure
  • High pressure permeation testing
  • Rapid gas decompression of polymer materials
  • Ageing of polymers in gas and liquids at high pressure and temperature
  • In-situ observation of polymers at particular pressure and temperature
  • Bespoke test design and procedure development
Project Experience
Recent projects that Sabine has been involved with include:
  • Exposure testing of elastomers in oilfield environments at temperatures up to 600°F (~ 316°C)
  • Direct observation of polymers as they react to the application and removal of pressurised gas: test and procedure development. Swelling, surface changes, fluid absorption/desorption time and rate, diffusion coefficient and thermal expansion were studied.
  • scCO2 permeation testing of thermoplastic flat and curved samples
  • scCO2 permeation testing of pipe samples
  • Test hardware and procedure development for high pressure liquid permeation of thermoplastic hoses
  • Extrusion testing of pressure sheaths in armour simulations in multi-phase scCO2 environments
  • Durability testing of elastomers for sour carbon capture infrastructures
  • Rapid gas decompression and ageing test of pigging materials in supercritical carbon dioxide using a direct observation method
  • Rapid gas decompression testing of elastomers and thermoplastics at pressures up to 20,000 psi: test and procedure development.

S G M MUNCH, G J MORGAN, B THOMSON, Observing rapid crack decompression damage: a novel technique, High Performance Elastomers & Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications 2012 Proceedings – Aberdeen, April 2012 

The Damage Caused by RGD and How it May be Reduced, RubberCon 2012, Oslo – Norway, 14-16 May 2012 

Observing rapid crack decompression damage: a novel technique, HPE & Polymers for Oil & Gas Applications 2012, Aberdeen – Scotland, 17-18 April 2012

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