Dr Neil Trigwell is a chartered engineer with over 40 years of experience in materials testing covering a range of engineering sectors. His areas of expertise include fracture mechanics, fatigue, and the more advanced aspects of mechanical testing including full-scale component and structural testing.



Neil has filled a number of senior management and technical leadership roles whilst maintaining a strong ‘hands-on’ approach.  By focusing on the more complex and demanding aspects of mechanical testing Neil has developed experience across a wide range of industry sectors.  These include aerospace (both airframes and engines), automotive, nuclear, and oil & gas.  

He has assisted clients in developing relevant test programs to establish fitness for purpose of their products and designs, configures and commissions bespoke test equipment to meet specific client requirements. He has conducted Engineering Critical Assessments for the Oil & Gas sector to use to establish tolerable flaw sizes during pipeline fabrication. Neil works with a number of Element labs, mainly in the UK but also supports labs in the Middle East and Asia

Career highlights 

  • Lead a team of top technical specialists tasked with technology transfer within the business (Exova) on an international basis
  • Developed and implemented the initial ISO 17025 compliant Quality Management System Group wide (Exova)
  • Managed test programs to produce the materials data required for the early application of damage tolerant design to commercial aircraft
  • Conducted the load testing of a quarter sale model of an oil platform support leg
  • Developed a transportable facility for full-scale Steel Catinary Riser Fatigue testing, first used in Malaysia
  • Designed and implemented a transportable coating testing facility for use in Angola.


Professional qualifications

  • PhD
  • C.Eng
  • BSc(Hons)

Sector Expertise

  • Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear