Raicelina Ramos has more than 20 years of research and testing experience in the Oil and Gas industry. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, in addition to a Subsea Engineering Certification from the University of Houston.


Raicelina began her career at the R&D institute of Venezuela's oil industry, specializing in Petrochemical and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). With a robust background in laboratory testing, she seamlessly transitioned between research and academia, in addition to providing technical services to the industry.

Her diverse expertise spans hydrates mitigation, sand management, and material compatibility testing. In 2022, Raicelina joined Element Houston-Yorktown as a Project Manager in Corrosion and Coating. Corrosion and coating projects benefit from her extensive knowledge and expertise, as she guides and advises on testing programs.

Career highlights

    • Elevated testing capabilities through strategic reengineering and process enhancements of high-pressure, high-temperature equipment


Professional qualifications

    • Associate degree, Chemical Processes
    • Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
    • Certification, Subsea Engineering

Affiliations / Memberships / Working groups

    • Member, AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance)
    • Member, Project Manager Institute
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