Razvan is an Operations Manager using computational tools to support clients across the Aerospace and Energy industries, including developing new capabilities for modeling liquid hydrogen fuel systems.


Razvan completed a PhD in Computational Aerodynamics as part of which he studied unsteady transonic aerodynamics phenomena that represent a risk to the safety of modern transport aircraft. 

Following his Ph.D, Razvan joined Element Digital Engineering (at the time Norton Straw), where he expanded his expertise to broader use of computational tools to support clients across several industries, in particular Aerospace and Energy transition. 

In line with the global direction towards net zero and using his passion for Aerospace, Razvan has developed new capabilities for modeling Liquid Hydrogen fuel systems. 

Razvan is based in our Bristol Digital Engineering office

Career highlights 

  • Collaborated with the German Aerospace Centre to provide a new understanding of unsteady transonic aerodynamics
  • Patented a novel air sterilization device 
  • Developed a new business stream around supporting Energy Transition


Professional qualifications 

  • CEng 
  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng in Aerospace Engineering


  • MIMechE

Sector Expertise 

  • Aerospace
  • Power
  • Energy Transition

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