Meet our Digital Engineering expert Tom Elson and learn more about his expertise in CFD which enhances our projects with innovative solutions.

Tom, a Principal Engineer at Element Digital Engineering, brings 12 years of industry experience in R&D and product development across various sectors. Specializing in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer, he offers support and deep expertise in sectors like Food & Drinks, Nuclear, and Oil & Gas, enhancing our projects with innovative solutions.


Tom has an undergraduate Masters in Aerospace Engineering, followed by a PhD in Computational Aerodynamics. His research focused on modeling the tip vortices shed from the novel Open Rotor Jet Engine and developing mathematical correlations to integrate into a NASA noise prediction code. With 12 years in R&D and product development, Tom has worked across various sectors, including OEMs, startups, and consumer products. Including as a Lead Thermal Research Engineer at Dyson.

Since joining Element Digital Engineering in January 2023, his expertise has benefited projects in the Food and Drinks, Oil and Gas, and nuclear sectors.

Tom is based in our Bristol office.


Career Highlights

  • Led the development of a Downhole Corrosion Sensor and presented this at an international conference.
  • Engineered the thermo-mechanical design of a critical powertrain component from first principles.
  • Presented a design review to James Dyson.
  • Conducted complex multiphase flow analysis for the Nuclear Industry.
  • Spoke at the UK Heat Transfer Society about the role of simulation in thermal systems design.



  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Management
  • Aerodynamics
  • Multiphase Flows
  • Optimization and Data Analysis
  • R&D Processes, including Technology Readiness Levels (TRL)


Professional Qualifications

  • Chartered Engineer (CENg)
  • Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering
  • MEng in Aerospace Engineering



    Sector Expertise

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