LONDON, UK – December 14, 2015 – Element Materials Technology’s Berlin location is meeting increased industry demand for pre-spin services from OEMs in the Aerospace and Industrials sectors through increased capabilities in “pre-qualification testing” in the production of components. 

Pre-spin testing is an increasingly vital step in the production process, pre-qualifying the characteristics of high mass, rotational components such as disks used in turbines or rotors, through a bespoke suite of tests. These tests deliver value by reducing the lifecycle costs of components by applying controlled rotational pre-growth of components before final assembly of the product, thereby improving material properties and performance.

As the largest independent spin testing provider in Europe, Element is playing a key role for aero-engine OEMs and their supply chain partners, as well as manufacturers of Industrials products such as power generation turbines.

Rick Sluiters, Element’s Executive Vice President, Aerospace, comments: “Across industries, innovative research and development is ensuring that the next generation of products and components are built from lighter and stronger materials. Pre-spin testing represents a similar level of innovation within the production supply chain and our key clients within these sectors are showing more and more interest in this type of service. 

“Responding to client demand, we have put in place the capabilities and capacity to unlock the potential of this production phase. Element Berlin has extensive experience of managing production pre-spin programs with competitive first-time right (FTR) and on-time delivery (OTD) rates. The location also has sufficient capacity to run concurrent development spin testing, demonstrating Element’s ability to act as a trusted testing partner throughout R&D and production phases.” 

In addition to pre-spin testing services, Element Berlin provides a range of spin testing services including dynamic spin testing, low cycle fatigue (LCF) spin testing and burst testing, and partial air spin testing. 

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