Electronics testing is integral to a variety of qualification plans, including product durability, safety and certification, and environmental testing programs. Element’s team of experts helps design and implement test methods for virtually any electronic equipment, from automotive components to medical devices.

As products increasingly rely on electrical components to provide vital functions, electronics testing is becoming more important to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

From aerospace navigation to telecoms infrastructure, our experts make certain that your products continue to operate under normal and extreme conditions and interact safely with other systems and equipment.


The Element advantage 

Our expertise comes from testing thousands of products each year for industries and markets around the world. In addition to our electronics testing, we provide many major certification services, including CE marking, NRTL certification and approval, zigbee systems testing, and FCC certification.

Our team of global market access experts can help you complete the testing and documentation required for exporting electronic equipment to international markets. 

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Environmental Electronics Testing 640 x 480 March-2018

Environmental Electronics Testing

Electronic equipment is frequently used to provide vital services in extreme conditions. Our labs put your products to the test, making sure that they provide mission-critical functions under any circumstances. 

Electrical components are often the most important – and the most sensitive – parts of any type of equipment. To ensure the integrity of your products, we provide test methods designed to evaluate the performance of electronic equipment in a variety of environmental scenarios.

Some of the services that we offer include:

Altitude Testing and Simulation

Shock Testing

Thermal Testing

Salt Spray Testing

Pressure Testing

Humidity Testing


Flammability Testing

Vibration Testing

Accelerated Weathering Testing

Ingress Protection

MIL-STD-810 Testing

DEF-STAN 59-411 Testing

Medical Electronics Testing 640 x 480 march-2018

Medical Device Electronics Testing

Modern medicine relies heavily on electronic equipment to provide accurate diagnostics and life-saving treatments. Our experts help ensure that electronic medical equipment is safe and reliable for caregivers and patients.

Element’s medical device testing experts perform a range of electronic test methods to ensure the safety and function of equipment ranging from trauma devices to home health products. Some of the testing we offer includes:

Telecoms and Wireless Electronics Testing 640 x 480 March-2018

Telecoms & Wireless Testing

As one of the fastest industries around the globe, telecoms and wireless products rely heavily on electrical equipment to provide the communication and digital services that keep the world connected. Our labs provide the electronics testing and certifications required to ensure product safety and functionality.

With telecoms and wireless testing labs across the globe, we provide a full suite of electronics test methods for telecoms and wireless products. Our capabilities include:

CE Marking

Japan Radio Law Testing

North American Wireless Testing

SAR Testing

Zigbee Testing

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Testing

Antenna Pattern Measurement/Over the Air Testing

NEBS Testing

Transportation Electronics Testing 640 x 480 march-2018

Transportation Testing

From power windows and automatic doors to built-in navigation and entertainment systems, automobiles are driven by electronic systems. Our experts help ensure that your electronic equipment interacts seamlessly with other automotive components. 

Our accredited transportation labs provide testing for every part of a vehicle, including electronic equipment. Some of the electronics test methods we offer include:

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

Dynamics Testing

Climactic Simulation

HALT and HASS Testing

EMC Testing

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