Element in wireless medical devices 

Medical devices play a critical role in the diagnostics, treatment and aftercare of patients where failure is not an option. Traditionally, communication to and from these devices has been delivered by wires. However, with wires comes tethering, restricting the use and flexibility of where and how the medical device can actually be used. Now medical devices are going wireless.

Specific frequencies have been allocated for medical applications, and the inherent reliability of the communications link has been improved through greater error checking and alternative technologies. Use cases of remote monitoring of patients and automatically updating prescriptions are now provided through IoT protocols and smart devices, such as wearables, connected to the patient.

To ensure these advances in wireless medical device technology are safe and reliable, manufacturers need an experienced wireless testing provider. 

As a world leader in wireless, EMC and safety testing of medical devices, Element provides a comprehensive range of testing and certification services that make certain that the medical devices we test are always safe, compliant and fit for purpose in their end application.

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