The Element Nuclear Third Party Qualification Edge

Element is the leading supplier of qualified equipment and replacement parts that are no longer available from their original sources as nuclear grade. For example, our Nuclear Center of Excellence in Huntsville, AL offers services such as:

• Equipment qualification and certification for safety-related service in mild and harsh environments.
• Commercial grade dedication per EPRI 3002002982.
• Defense-in-depth testing activities supporting cyber security requirements outlined in US NRC Reg Guide 5.71, CSA N290.7-14, and NEI 08-09.
• In partnership with Yokogawa Corporation of America, third party qualification of Yokogawa DX1000N, DX2000, DX3000, and DX364 recorders and YS1700, UT55A, and UT35A controllers.

Element meets all the requirements of 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR 21, NQA 45.2, NQA 1-2008/2009 Addenda, as well as being certified for ISO 9001:2015.

NTPQ Certification of Yokogawa Equipment

As the global supplier for Yokogawa instruments and replacement parts for the commercial nuclear industry, we certify Yokogawa recorders, controllers, and replacement parts that are categorized as augmented quality or nuclear safety related.

Safety related items provide essential services in support of emergency reactor shut down, containment isolation, reactor core and containment cooling, and reactor heat removal or are otherwise essential in preventing significant release of radioactive material to the environment.
For items that we test, our Nuclear TPQ organization purchases each Yokogawa instrument as commercial grade then dedicates it for use as a basic component in class 1E seismic and mild environment applications. We prepare a project-specific dedication plan that includes detailed information on the methods, procedures, and acceptance criteria used to provide reasonable assurance that the equipment can perform its intended safety function. Next, we verify the critical characteristics to assure there are no unanalyzed design changes from the qualification test specimens. Then, we evaluate the results of detailed inspections and functional tests against the acceptance criteria in the dedication plan. If the results are satisfactory, NTS issues a certificate of conformance to certify the equipment meets accepted standards for nuclear service.

NTPQ Services by Safety Classification


We qualify the equipment for seismic and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) service conditions and validate Firmware to demonstrate with reasonable assurance the equipment is capable of performing its safety-related functions as required.

During the dedication process, Special Tests and Inspections are performed on the equipment to verify the following identification and critical characteristics, as applicable, are acceptable:
• Identification Attributes: model and hardware style number; firmware version
• Physical: integrity, configuration, dimensions, and weight relative to test specimen (when previously qualified)
• Performance: mechanical and electrical functional attributes (e.g. setpoints, reset points, display, measure, record, dielectric withstand)
• Positive Material Identification: for seismically significant components using x-ray fluorescence
• Dependability: quality of design, manufacture, failure modes, problem reporting, reliability

Upon successful completion of dedication activities, we issue a certificate of conformance certifying the equipment conforms to the requirements of the customer’s purchase order and is qualified for safety-related, mild environment service as documented in the applicable report(s).

Non-Safety-Related, Augmented Quality

This service level applies to those portions of structures, systems, and components (SSCs) for which continued function is not required but for which failure:
• Could reduce the functioning of any plant feature included in NRC Reg Guide 1.292 (items 1.a through 1.q) to an unacceptable safety level, or
• Could result in an incapacitating injury to the occupants of the control room that should be designed and constructed so that safe shutdown earthquake (SSE) would not cause such a failure.

We qualify the equipment for seismic and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) service conditions and validate firmware, based upon the customer’s requests, to demonstrate with reasonable assurance the equipment is capable of performing its designated function.

Special Tests and Inspections are performed to verify critical characteristics in categories such as these:
• Seismic (missile hazard)
• EMC/EMI (including radiated emissions)
• Burn-in (selectable durations and range of inputs)
• Cyber security

Non-Safety-Related, Commercial Grade with Cyber Security

This service is provided for customers who require a non-safety-related instrument categorized as a Critical Digital Asset (CDA) with cyber security requirements from an approved vendor.

Element purchases the CDA, including media, recorders, and controllers as commercial grade, then provides applicable defense-in-depth cyber security measures including a receipt inspection, controlled firmware installation, multi-engine vulnerability scan for virus and malware threats, and shipment of the CDA along with scan results with tamper-evident packaging seals. (No dedication activities are performed.)

Non-Safety-Related, Commercial Grade

This service is provided for customers who require a non-safety-related instrument from an approved vendor with no additional dedication services. Although sourced through Element, shipment to the customer is direct from Yokogawa America for US customers.

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