Element is a leading expert in the testing of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) products used within indoor environmental and air quality control systems within the North American market.

Our dedicated HVAC performance testing services laboratory in Mississauga, Canada specializes in conducting both pre-certification assessments of products and also performance evaluations across a range of electric and gas-fired HVAC appliances that include:

  • Gas and electric water heaters with storage tanks or instantaneous systems
  • Residential gas-fired boilers
  • Integrated appliances, products and combo systems
  • Construction heaters

Our HVAC performance testing capability includes a humidity controlled, environmental test chamber that simulates both indoor and outdoor test conditions within which temperatures in the range -40ºC to +80ºC can be accurately simulated.

Additionally, our capabilities include the accurate metering of both gas and water flow, electrical power consumption, pressure and temperature measurements, as well as continuous monitoring through the use of a programmable data acquisition system. We also have a constant temperature water supply and an infrared CO/CO2 analyser for precise measurement of combustion products from gas-fired appliances, throughout the testing process.

Element Mississauga is the only HVAC performance testing services laboratory in North America that is approved by HVI for certification of both HRV and ERV systems. Furthermore, Element Mississauga was selected by NRCan to conduct verification testing for the eKOCOMFORT initiative in which Canadian manufacturers developed a range of integrated appliances that combined space and water heating as well as ventilation through the use of heat recovery ventilators (HRV).

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