For an accurate picture of how your product will perform, fluids and fluids systems must be understood and tested in conjunction with one another as part of a comprehensive test program. Element’s nationwide family of laboratories includes highly specialized facilities to test both the performance of fluid systems under various conditions and the properties of fluids themselves. Whether you serve the aircraft industry, the automotive industry, or another sector, we can meet your needs with the right standards and methods for your industry.

Automotive fluids testing 

As a leading testing partner to the automotive industry, Element provides expert laboratory analysis of fluids, including fuel, engine oil, refrigerant fluids and more. Thanks to our cutting-edge laboratory equipment and extensive expertise, we can condition fluids to extremely high or subzero temperatures (from -50°C to +150°C) to provide certainty that your product can withstand the extreme temperatures characteristic of the industry.

Automotive fluids systems testing

Fluid systems like transmissions, radiators, fuel lines, and battery cooling systems are subject to incredible stress throughout a vehicle’s lifetime, both from factors within the system such as pressure and from external factors such as road vibration and weather. Testing fluid systems is essential, as a failed fluid system can compromise an entire vehicle, endanger passengers, and harm the environment. Element’s modern laboratory tests simulate real-world conditions with a high degree of accuracy, even when multiple variables like extreme temperature and extreme pressure are at play simultaneously.

Aerospace fluids testing

Element’s advanced testing systems can subject fluids and fuels for aircraft and spacecraft to a variety of extreme conditions that replicate what they might experience while in use. We have a wealth of experience testing to all relevant aerospace and military standards and can develop custom testing protocols to suit your precise needs.

Aerospace fluid systems testing

Complex fuel systems require that testing be performed in-situ with comprehensive test protocols that simulate all of the internal and external forces acting on the system. Our laboratories can reproduce and control any condition experienced in normal operation, including fuel icing and hot fuel testing, and can monitor and report on any unusual effects. Our specialists can perform testing on both individual components and complete systems, giving us the flexibility and scale to handle virtually any programs. Leveraging our industry-leading capabilities in aerospace and product qualification programs, we offer hydraulic and pneumatic testing services for RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-810, and others in-house.

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