The success of your research project isn't just about conducting the study, but also effectively communicating findings to the right audience. That's why Element offers a range of publication services tailored to your strategic objectives and target audiences. 

Our team of experienced medical writers create abstracts, manuscripts, or other content that effectively communicates research on your agent. We also present research results at national and international venues.

Maximize the impact of your research study

With our medical writing services, you can rest assured your study's impact will be communicated in a timely and impactful manner to those who matter most.

Our team is comfortable interacting with journal editors, responding to peer reviewers, and approving page proofs prior to publication. Plus, we'll take care of the logistics and shipping poster materials to congresses when they're held in person- and our leading experts will present posters, calling attention to the strengths of your agent.

Interested in partnering with Element to maximize the impact of your research project and achieve your desired outcomes? Request more information.

Reach the right audience and achieve your goals

We understand there are two primary end goals of antimicrobial drug development activities - to raise scientific awareness, and to ensure the physicians responsible for clinical care are informed of your drug's potential in vitro activity against organisms from targeted indications. 

Our team can help communicate your drug's progress to the scientific community, especially for those which are limited in spectrum or have very few agents in the pipeline.

The Element advantage

Our ability to present scientifically sound information about your antimicrobial agents is strengthened by our comprehensive library of peer-reviewed medical literature. We're committed to disseminating this information to the scientific and medical communities, ensuring research findings reach the right audience.

Our goal is to help you achieve the desired outcomes for your drug development project and maximize its impact. So, let us help communicate your drug's potential to the right audience and make a meaningful contribution to the field of antimicrobial drug development. Let us know what you're looking for.

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