Achieve your research and clinical goals with Element. As a premier provider of molecular studies and testing services, we're committed to delivering accurate and reliable results. Our CLIA-certified reference molecular lab is trusted to provide comprehensive molecular characterization of isolates - including short and long read sequencing and analysis. 

We understand that accurate and reliable data is critical to your success in research and clinical settings. You can rely on our decades of expertise and rigorous testing methods to make informed, data-based decisions - we deliver detailed reports that are easy to understand and interpret.

Molecular studies tailored to your needs

Looking for an efficient way to select isolates that need molecular analysis? Element's screening algorithms can help. Plus, we can assist in selecting the appropriate assays to identify specific resistance determinants. This data not only satisfies regulatory requirements for clinical trials but also helps in developing marketing plans. 

Our molecular studies and testing services are designed to meet a wide range of applications, including infectious diseases, drug discovery, and clinical research. Get the insights and results needed to advance your research or clinical goals when you partner with Element. To get more information, fill out a short form at this link.

Short read sequencing (SRS)

Element's short read sequencing (SRS) enables the accurate sequencing of reads at high coverage depth. Our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline analyzes sequencing data in the form of fastq files, identifying resistance and virulence genes through de novo assembly of isolates. Additionally, our pipeline provides multiple typing analyses for epidemiology, including single nucleotide polymorphism identification. With our SRS service, you can trust you're receiving high-quality results and comprehensive analysis. 

Long read sequencing (LRS)

Achieve your goals faster and with greater precision than ever before with Element's LRS technology, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for genome research. With exceptional read length and enhanced overlap, LRS allows for more complete and accurate information, making it the preferred approach for genome assembly and annotation, SNP identification, and plasmid mapping. 

The Element advantage

As a CLIA certified and a participant in external proficiency testing programs (CAP, QCMD) Element meets federal regulations for clinical diagnostic testing. This ensures the quality, competency, and safety in the laboratory. In summary, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality results and data. Plus, we can align study compliance to your specific GxP requirements - so, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) on Illumina and long-read sequencing on Nanopore platforms
  • Gene Expression and Transcriptomics using RNA-Seq
  • Various Typing Methods, including Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST), O:H antigen, Pneumococcal Capsular Typing, and others
  • SNP Analysis Genotyping
  • Microbiome analysis through 16S Amplicon
  • Metagenomics

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