We understand the importance of data accuracy and reliability in microbiome research. That's why our testing methods are rigorously validated and results are carefully interpreted by our team of experts. We use cutting-edge sequencing technologies, providing detailed reports that are easy to understand and interpret.

We offer a range of microbiome analysis services, including shotgun metagenomic analysis and have extensive experience working with a variety of sample types. 

Microbiome testing services tailored to meet your needs

Our team has the expertise to deliver the solutions you need. We offer a variety of solutions to determine antimicrobial resistance genes, individual species, and functional analysis, including 16S rRNA sequencing to evaluate the relative abundances of the microorganisms. 

The Element advantage 

From 16S to shotgun metagenomics, we offer a full range of microbiome analysis services tailored to your specific needs. Interested in partnering with our experienced team of microbiome scientists? Get in touch with us today.

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