Element’s medical adhesive testing ensures quality is maintained throughout the lifecycle of a product, mitigating risk to patients and your business. 

Medical adhesives encompass a variety of applications, from wound closures and tissue repair to medical sensor pads and medicinal patches. Determining the right application and adhesive method for your product is crucial; if medical adhesives are poorly applied, they can result in injury to the patient. 

The Element advantage

Element has extensive expertise in the formulation, de-formulation and testing of medical adhesives, coatings and tapes. Our Engaged Experts are proficient in evaluating the structural strength, adhesion properties and chemical/environmental resistance, enabling you to enhance the knowledge you have of your product. 

These include:

  • Peel adhesion (ambient, sub-ambient, and elevated temperatures)
  • Weather properties
  • Heat aging properties
  • Tensile and tear resistance
  • Degree of cure
  • Identification and de-formulation

Conducting comprehensive medical adhesive testing and analysis programs is of utmost importance to determine the root causes of a failure event. Evaluation is particularly beneficial in the manufacturing of finished products, in quality control, and forensic investigations.

Element is often called upon to formulate a coating or adhesive, to select a commercial product to meet specific requirements or to develop application technology. Our capabilities and expertise in both polymer-based materials and pharmaceuticals ideally position us to undertake projects related to drug-eluting and controlled release devices. 

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