As a world-leading testing partner, Element offers a broad range of services for troubleshooting, reviewing and updating analytical methods in pharmaceutical testing.

Analytical requirements are ever-changing due to stricter regulations and new manufacturing practices. Element will work with you in troubleshooting, enhancing and updating your analytical methods to embrace these new requirements.

Troubleshooting and analytical methods programs

  • Using LC-MS/MS to detect low levels of residual reagents in synthetic peptides
  • Developing new sample preparation approaches for elemental impurities
  • Performing extractables and leachables analysis using high-resolution mass spectrometry for identification of plastic additives
  • Adapting pharmaceutical assay methods for trace determination of drugs in wastes.

Element has the capability to support a wide variety of industries and sample types and the knowledge to select and apply the most appropriate analytical techniques. This enables us to implement concepts from multiple competencies to address your specific analytical challenge.

The Element advantage 

Our experienced team of pharmaceutical chemists will guide you through this process and recommend techniques that result in high quality and specific results. A wide range of in-house chromatographic and spectroscopy instrumentation allows us to quickly coordinate tasks and reduce development time. 

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