About Dongtan-Sandan

Established in May 2022 in the Dongtan Industrial Complex, the laboratory provides specialized services in analysis solutions, RAM analysis, reliability prediction analysis, and reliability testing. Dongtan-Sandan laboratory conducts tests for ISO 20653/KS IEC-60529 and overseas automotive electronic parts standards such as GMW 3172

Dongtan-Sandan Services 

Our laboratory offers reliability testing to project the failure-free use time of products and check whether target quality levels are maintained after a specified period of time.

We also perform reliability analysis to measure the average time it takes for a failure to occur.

Reliability analysis

Available analysis

• Analysis solutions: PTC Windchill Risk and Reliability (dedicated tool for RAM analysis)
• RAM analysis services
• Reliability prediction analysis, reliability data analysis consulting services (MTBF, failure rate analysis)
• Reliability life test design
• ASIL/SIL/RAMS certification suitable for functional safety-related standards (automotive, railway, ESS, general industry), SW test consulting services

Reliability test

Products we test include: Automobiles, national defense/aerospace, railway, electrical/electronic devices, etc.

Tests available
• Complex corrosion test
Dust test
• Water resistance test
Tensile/compression test