About Element Yongin – Unhak 1


Opened in October 2017, Unhak 1 laboratory in Yongin, South Korea, provides specialized services for EMC, electrical safety, and battery testing and inspection.


Unhak 1 Services


We provide comprehensive services from development to certification through electromagnetic interference and immunity testing.


Our team also conduct tests on electrical/electronic equipment and machinery to ensure safety and prevent damage or loss from hazardous factors such as electric shock, fire and explosion. Our laboratory is equipped with various equipment capable of testing for safety standards of major export markets globally.


The laboratory’s range of services includes:


EMC testing

Supported products:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Vehicle equipment
  • Information equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Firefighting equipment

Electrical Safety - Battery Test

Supported products:

  • Power supply device
  • Audio , video , TV
  • Medical Equipment
  • Lighting equipment
  • Home appliances
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Firefight equipment
  • Machinery
  • IT equipment


Tests available

Electromagnetic interference
  • conducted noise
  • radiated noise
  • noise power
  • antenna terminal voltage
  • high frequency output terminal voltage
  • harmonic
  • flicker
Electromagnetic immunity
  • electrostatic discharge
  • electromagnetic radiation resistance
  • electrical fast transients
  • surge
  • power frequency magnetic fields immunity
  • electromagnetic wave conduction resistance
  • voltage drop
  • instantaneous correction

Certification services available

  • Americas: UL, CSA
  • South America : NOM, AR-S, INMETRO
  • Europe: CE, ENEC, D Mark, GS, CU, SII
  • Africa: NRCS, SONCAP, Morocco
  • Middle East: KUKAS, SASO, GCC, TRC
  • Common: CB

Our team of experts can also offer, support services for initial production system set-up such as facility registration/inspection  and Third country standard certification support service (SASO, GOST, etc.)




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