Element Boston-Hopkinton adds expertise in medium- to large-format battery cell testing. Our sophisticated test equipment and high-current capacity support your most complex testing projects and energy storage applications.

We offer real-time data access via Voltaiq, allowing you to monitor testing as it happens. And our experts will work with you to design custom testing plans to suit your project needs.

Let our knowledge and flexibility become your competitive edge.

Cycling capabilities

  • ~1200 channels
  • Voltage (5V)
  • Amp range (up to 1200A)
  • Current accuracy (150μA)
  • Pulse capable (5ms)

Environmental chambers

  • 150 chambers
  • 25°C storage room (15ft x 8ft)
  • Temp. ranges (-70°C to 300°C)
  • Humidity capable
  • High ramp rate (>10ºC/min)
  • Air-air thermal shock

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