Element performs ASTM D2863-17a testing for materials manufacturers to establish the minimum oxygen concentration value required to support candle-like combustion and safe limits for fabrics, polymers, cables, laminates, nylon, rubber, etc. 


Performing Oxygen Index Testing 

Oxygen concentration values are known as the Oxygen Index (OI) or, historically, the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI). Depending on the type of material, Element’s experts use a paramagnetic oxygen analyzer and one of three testing methods to measure the oxygen concentration of a material. 


  • Procedure A - measures top surface ignition
  • Procedure B - measures propagating ignition
  • Procedure C - compares the material under test to a pre-established oxygen concentration to see whether or not combustion occurs.


Our technical experts will advise you on the correct procedure to follow, covering methods, particular oxygen index test equipment, and provide physical support structures, where required, depending on the material type.



The Element Advantage

As regulations in the industry constantly evolve, Element’s experts use the latest equipment to assess and compare your materials. From developing fire safety design strategies, through testing and certification of both passive and active fire products and systems; to the inspection, commissioning and certification of completed building projects, our engineers can help with the testing and certification of all aspects of your materials, products and systems. 


Our team is certified to deliver fast, efficient testing on your EPS and XPS materials, to help you ensure they are safe, quality, fit for purpose, and compliant with all industry standards and regulations.


For more information on ASTM D2863-17a, contact us  today.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Application

Materials testing provides valuable insight into the material characteristics such as hardness, flexibility, strength, and chemical composition, which provides a better understanding of the behavior of a material when subjected to operating conditions.  LEARN MORE

ASTM D2863-17a Measuring Oxygen Index Testing on materials

ASTM D2863-17a establishes the minimum oxygen concentration that is required to support candle-like combustion in materials. READ MORE
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