Element offers facade engineering, testing, and consultancy services to support architects, builders, and contractors. We make certain that building facades and components are compliant and tested to the highest possible standards.

Element’s construction engineers offer Facade consultancy services to some of the largest and most prestigious building projects throughout the world. Our experts are leaders in the field and ensure the skin of the building is efficient as well as being both weather and airtight. We have a thorough knowledge of how facades are constructed and can advise on how facades will operate in a variety of climates.

Facade consultancy services for complex buildings

The complexity of modern buildings requires that many diverse disciplines cooperate in their design, construction, operation, and maintenance. 

Element’s engaged engineers provide pre-tender advice,  and review tenders, designs and shop drawings. We also support material inspections and review of technical submittals, including review of QA systems and production QC inspections. Once production has commenced, we continue the support process with mock-up evaluation, installation monitoring and condition surveys. If you find faults with an existing building, our specialists have the expertise to advise on repair solutions and conduct glass breakage investigations.

Facade testing

Our experts offer both routine testing for construction projects, and more specialist services such as accelerated weathering and cladding testing

Capabilities include:

  • Weathertightness performance
  • Structural testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Glass testing
  • Seismic movement tests
  • Thermal cycling tests
  • Operational cycles
  • Load tests
  • Fire testing for external building envelope (BS 8414 Part 1& 2)
  • IP rating testing for enclosures
  • Glass impact testing (EN 12600, BS 6206, ANSI Z97.1)
  • Louvre testing (EN 13030 & EN13181)
  • Test for partitions (BS EN 5234)
  • Strength test for Panels (ASTM E 72)

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  • ASTM
  • BS EN
  • CWCT


  • UKAS accredited to ISO17025
  • UKAS accreditation ISO 17020 

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