Crank Pulse Capability and Durability Testing in GMW 3172

What is crank pulse capability and durability testing? 
The crank pulse capability and durability test is a GMW 3172 test that verifies the functional capability and durability of components subjected to crank pulses generated by conventional starts and by the stop/start system. In simpler terms, this test analyses the capability of a vehicle to start and stop under extreme temperature and voltage conditions, like extreme cold. 
Application of crank pulse capability and durability testing

In this test a set of very unique waveforms is applied to the device being tested, and based on customer requirements, a short or informal functional check can be applied either after each pulse, or after each group of pulses. A functional check is a test that applies some nominal voltages and reads out the part’s internal communication mechanisms to be sure that the part is functioning as intended.

After testing has been completed the Crank Pulse plots are given to the customer to be analyzed and interpreted to ensure that their components are fit for purpose. Our Experts work with customers to ensure their product can withstand the given conditions, as defined by the customer. Testing your vehicles with Element to ensure the safety of your product. 

“First I want to say thank you to you and your team for the support you gave us during the DV2 testing.  For the second time, you guys exceeded expectations.  I appreciate your team’s willingness to work with us on issues even when frustrating.”

 – Brian Martin, Engineering Supervisor

Zr-TWR customer

Our Engaged Experts will help guide your GMW 3172 program to ensure the project scope meets your needs. For more information, please contact us or call US +1 888 786 7555 or UK +44 808 234 1667.

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