The most important part of automotive circuit board development is creating a safe and compliant end product. Element’s IPC-A-610 certified circuit board testing procedures provide you with certainty that your printed circuit boards (PCBs) are evaluated in accordance with IPC standards.

Element’s reliable circuit board visual examination and cross section evaluation help you ensure the quality of your product, and in turn, save you time and money by reducing failures.

Element’s circuit board testers use IPC-A-610 to visually assess any degradation in the following: 

  • mechanical integrity
  • solder cracking
  • burn marks and discoloration
  • foreign object debris
  • whisker formation
  • dendritic growth
  • flux residue on printed circuit boards

Additionally, Element conducts cross-sectioning of PCBs to detect solder joint cracks, voids, lamination defects, poor wetting, land lift, and insufficient solder fill. 

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