Prepare Your Products for Successful Wireless Device Testing Part 3 of 3

What You Can Do Today to Prepare Your Wireless Devices for Better Radio Testing Results

In the final section of our 3-part series, “Prepare Your Products for Successful Wireless Device Testing” we will cover some of the steps you can take today to prepare for successful wireless testing down the road.

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Tips for RF Wireless Device Testing 

Your test lab can assist you in many facets of your testing strategy, but there are steps you can take right now to ensure your business has the best results for testing when it comes to wireless radios.

Choose the correct radio for your application

The ‘next big thing’ is not necessarily always the best choice for your application. A lower-cost solution may be out there that is more suitable for your product. Often, the lower per unit cost will also result in lower testing costs too. Doing your research early to understand the tradeoffs with different technologies can really pay-off when it comes time to test. Perhaps your device requires interoperability with other devices on the market (e.g. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi); in that case, maybe you do need the high-tech solution. If not, you may have a perfectly suitable solution with a much simpler radio design.

Start shopping for approved modules

This is often the least expensive route in terms of development costs to add wireless capability for your product. The modular solution works best when you have time for mechanical design so you can plan for the enclosure that will hold the radio, and to define the type of antenna you’ll be required to use.  

Test early and often

This will help you ensure your product is compliant. That doesn’t mean you’ll require redundant full system testing; rather, testing components and prototypes early can act as a simple spot check that will help you make any modifications earlier in the product design process. Don’t believe the misconception that you can only test final products. Some tests are worth doing very early on, some will be better to wait. Your testing lab can help you understand the ins and outs of each.

Create a target list of countries you want to sell into

By identifying these target markets early in the design process, you can plan your testing strategy to meet the requirements of each country
Wireless testing doesn’t have to be confusing. By partnering with a consultative testing agency like Element and following some of these steps early in your product design, you will find all the tools you need to launch your products successfully. 

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