3kHz Aerospace Shaker Equipment for the European Market

In early 2019, Element Warwick is changing the landscape of European product testing by adding 3kHz aerospace vibration equipment to their already impressive range of capabilities. This new acquisition will provide quicker, lower-cost options for manufacturers who have been forced to request concessions. Element Warwick’s new capability represents the latest in state-of-the-art aerospace shaker equipment. With the ability to reach force and frequency levels previously unavailable in Europe, Element is proud to be providing our clients with greater access to testing excellence that’s closer to home.

Our Aerospace Shaker Equipment Capabilities

The Model 2XSAI120-T2000A has an impressive range of system output force ratings, including:

  • Sine : 25,000 pounds (111 kN) peak
  • Random: 23,000 pounds (102 kN) rms
  • Shock: 67,000 pounds (298 kN) peak
3kHz Shaker Performance Curve
Why is 3kHz testing important?

As aero engine manufacturers push the limits of their design, they are imposing harsher qualification regimes to ensure greater reliability of their safety-critical products.

‘On engine’ components and subsystems face the most severe environment on the aircraft, and this new shaker allows us to impose real life vibration exposure during the development and qualification process.

Most vibration systems are limited to either 2kHz or a very reduced low ‘g’ level to 3kHz, forcing customers to request concessions from the engine design authority or run tests at lower levels for significantly longer periods.

Element’s team of Engaged Experts can work with you to help meet your full range of aerospace testing requirements while helping you save time and cost.

For more information about our new 3kHz aerospace shaker equipment, or to book your project in advance, contact us today.

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