Webinar - Guidance to EN/IEC 62368

Simon Barrowcliff

By Engaged Expert

Simon Barrowcliff

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Simon Barrowcliff is a highly experienced expert in product testing, assessment, certification & approvals.

On-Demand webinar explaining the updates on the EN/IEC 62368 standard

Discover the difference between the current standard and EN 60950/60065, and what you should consider when developing new products or assessing gaps for existing products.

Simon Barrowcliff, General Manager - Certification & Approvals at Element, delivers guidance on the EN/IEC 62368 Safety Standard, reviewing the standard updates and what these mean for information technology equipment and consumer electronics manufacturers. He focuses on the following:

  • What changes were made
  • How it impacts product design and test requirements
  • How a manufacturer should review risk in relation to the new standard
  • What you need to know to meet the Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

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