Concrete and aggregate testing plays a vital role in the construction project by providing owners, designers, and contractors with valuable information throughout a project’s progress. 
Element Materials Technology operates fully equipped, state-of-the-art concrete testing laboratories specifically devoted to the testing and analysis of cementious materials. We provide mortar testing, sand testing, concrete testing, aggregate testing, and stone testing services. 

In addition, our skilled engineers provide professional advice and technical support based on their knowledge of the properties and composition of the different types of construction materials to ensure complete satisfaction in your finished construction project. 

Support at every stage of construction
Element's concrete/aggregate testing services are available for each phase of your project’s construction, including: 
  • Preconstruction Review: To minimize potential problems and delays, we evaluate proposed concrete operations, techniques, and procedures before construction even starts. 
  • Concrete Mix Design and Mix Evaluation: Element engineers design concrete mixes that provide practical and economical solutions and, most importantly, meet your project specifications. 
  • Concrete Batch Plant Monitoring: Element further tests and inspects concrete at the batch plant to verify compliance of equipment and materials within accepted tolerances. 
  • Fresh Concrete Field Testing and Monitoring: Consistency tests, such as concrete slump testing, air content measurement, and unit weight are performed at regularly scheduled intervals to monitor and maintain uniformity. 
  • Laboratory Testing of Hardened Concrete: Our team of certified inspectors determines compression strengths of normal and lightweight concrete and performs visual observation of the failure mode of the compression-tested samples.
Evaluation of In-Place Conditions 

Element helps determine compliance of the concrete to specified strength requirements. 

Statistical Control of Concrete Quality 

For all major projects, Element provides statistical control of concrete quality. In addition to furnishing computer-generated histograms of concrete strength tests—a valuable indicator of trends—our engineers calculate the standard deviation from a moving set of the most recent 30 tests, allowing you to address deficiencies before they become serious problems. 

Concrete & Concrete Aggregate Testing Standards

M 31M/M 31,  T164, T209, T245, T269, T283, T308, T312


211.1, 211.2


A 615,  A 820, C 29 / C29M, C 39 / C39M, C 40 / C40M – 11,  C 42 / C42M, C 78 / C78M, C 88, C 97, C 99 / C99M, C 109 / C109M, C 117, C 127, C 128, C 131, C 136, C 138 / C138M, C 142 / C142M, C 143 / C143M , C 157 / C157M, C 170 / C170M, C 172 / C172M, C 173 / C173M, C 190, C 192 / C192M, C 215, C 215, C 231 / C231M, C 260, C 330 / C330M, C 348, C 482, C 494 / C494M, C 511, C 535, C 566, C 567, C 617 / C617M, C 618, C 702 / C702M, C 880 / C880M, C1018, C1064, C1116 / C1116M, C1231 / C1231M, C1352 / C1352M, C1354 / C1354M, C1399 / C1399M, C1579, C1609 / C1609M, D2041, D2172, D2726, D2950, D3203, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6926, D6927, E 488, E1190, E1512


01, 32 - Durability (2 Yr), 32 - Durability (Annex B), 32 - Durability (Annex C), 32 - Post-Crack Integrity (Annex D), 32 - Post-Crack Integrity (Annex E) 32 - Synthetic Fiber Testing, 32/208 - Concrete Over Steel Deck (Fiber), 32/208 - Fire Resistance Testing (Fiber), 51, 58, 70, 85,106,193,208,217,308





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