From hydraulic hoses to coolant, brake and oil lines, Element provides the automotive industry with a vast range of hose tests to a broad set of standards. Our experts evaluate all parts of the production process, including assemblies and the materials used for the hose construction. Our testing services give you the certainty that your hose products meet the performance and durability requirements that you and your customers depend on.   

Hoses are a critical component of engines and power systems, and their integrity is vital in the performance of fluid movement in vehicle cooling, lubrication, and hydraulics systems. They send pressure or vacuum signals to control circuits and gauges, and convey vacuum to heating, cooling, brake, and locking systems. Tiny cracks formed from the inside of a hose may result in a burst hose and overheated engine, which may lead to a vehicle failure. 

Supporting you through a broad spectrum of testing and advisory services

Element offers a comprehensive suite of automotive hose testing that includes all forms of hoses, assemblies, and connectors, be it braking, coolant, fuel, hydraulic, pressure, water, or pneumatic. As specialists in materials testing, our Engaged Experts are trained to evaluate just about any material, from nylon to polyurethane, polyethylene, PVC, and synthetic or natural rubbers.  

In addition to assisting manufacturers with research, design, product performance, and failure analysis, Element experts also consult on law enforcement, insurance and litigation cases. 


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Our automotive hose testing services

Element combines years of testing experience in the automotive industry with state-of-the-art laboratory testing to offer accurate and reliable hose testing services that ensure your hoses will work under the most extreme standards.    

Performance characteristics that we assess include ozone resistance, flexibility in cold conditions, leak tightness, adhesion between layers, and volume expansion. We also carry out combination tests such as flex impulse and dynamic durability with simultaneous vibration, pressure pulsing, and temperature influence.

Our tests include:

  • High Flow & Low Flow (gas, liquid, chemical, water, steam, water/glycol mixtures)
  • Varying Temperatures
  • Liquid to Liquid thermo-shock Testing
  • Pressure Proof and Burst Testing up to 50,000 psi
  • Pressure Pulse up to 10 Hz @ 8,000 psi
  • Helium & Refrigerant Leak Testing (HFO 1234yf refrigerants)
  • Extreme Temperature Environmental Testing Fluids and Gases (-54°C to +175°C; Rapid temperature capability 1.5~3.0°C -air & oil)

Standards we test to

Element’s experts conduct automotive hose testing in compliance with several national and international standards. We also perform tests for materials manufacturers, suppliers and OEMs according to technical specifications and industry standards to fulfill their need for the highest quality components throughout the supply chain.    

Australian Design Rules

ADR 7/00, ADR 42/04 section 15

Code of Federal Regulations

33 CFR § 183.590

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards


Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE J20, SAE J343, SAE J844, SAE J1131, SAE J1401, SAE J1402, SAE J1403, SAE J1405, SAE J1587, SAE J1833

OEM Specifications

Chrysler PF-8190 

FCA.PF.90080 Both Standard duty and Heavy Duty (9.3.1 & 9.3.2)

Ford ESA-M99P26-A; Ford ML3H-19E881-HA Rev 3pGM 6405M,

GM 6140M

GMW 16295

Volkswagen TL52361


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