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What are the ANSI/RESNA SS-1 Requirements and Test Methods for Fully Body Support Surfaces? 

The ANSI/RESNA SS-1 standard defines requirements and test methods for evaluating the quality and safety of full-body support surfaces, such as mattresses in medical settings.

The standard contains seven sections, establishing testing protocols to gauge microclimate, pressure management, and overall healthcare efficacy.

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Key benefits of partnering with Element for medical mattress testing 

    • Convenient testing - Simplify your testing process by sourcing all seven test protocols from one lab (St. Paul, Minnesota).
    • Hassle-free process - We understand your tight deadlines. With our best-in-class delivery and ample testing capacity, you'll not only meet your targets but also save money along the way.
    • Streamlined communication - At Element, you'll work with a dedicated project team committed to your success.
    • Reliable and actionable data - Benefit from the expertise of our industry-leading mattress testing experts, backed by A2LA accreditation, to ensure that the data you receive is not just reliable but also actionable.

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Which ANSI/RESNA SS-1 testing protocols does Element test to? 

We test all ANSI/RESNA SS-1 protocols, which is key for pressure injury prevention in patients. Whether you are designing a new mattress product with pressure redistribution in mind or are ensuring compliance with SS-1 standards, our experts are here to support you. Note Section 1 covers vocabulary and definitions. 

    • Section 2: Standard Protocol for Measuring Immersion in Full Body Support Surfaces  This method characterizes how deeply a 50th percentile rigid male mannequin sinks into a mattress.
    • Section 3: Standard Protocol for Measuring Heat and Water Vapor Dissipation Characteristics of Full Body Support Surfaces – Body Analog Method. Quantifies the temperature and relative humidity of the micro-climate between the indenter and the support surface.
    • Section 4: Standard Protocol for Measuring Heat and Water Vapor Dissipation Characteristics of Full Body Support Surface – Stiff Sweating Guarded Hot Plate (SGHP) Method. Gauges the support surface's ability to move heat and moisture away from the source.
    • Section 5: Standard Protocol for Measuring Horizontal Stiffness in Support Surfaces (Mattresses, Mattress Overlays, and Integrated Bed Systems) – Measures the level of initial pushback force that a support surface applies to soft tissue when raising the head of the bed.
    • Section 6: Standard Protocol for Support Surface Hemispherical Indenter Envelopment Test – Measures how well a support surface contours to the irregular shape of the body.
    • Section 7: Envelopment with Dual Semispherical Indenter Test - This is an alternate method to Section 6, measuring the ability of a support surface to mold to the irregular shape of the body.
    • Section 8: Standard Protocol for Measuring Water Vapor Dissipation Characteristics of Full Body Support Surfaces – Heated Water Bladder Method. Assesses the ability of a support surface to dissipate moisture. It is like Section 4 but covers a larger area than the sweating-guarded hot plate.

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