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Element St. Paul, formerly Twin City Testing, has a long history as a materials testing laboratory in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, spanning over 75 years. Originally organized in 1938, our focus was on environmental, construction and product validation services. In 1985, the company joined the Huntington network of labs, and further ownership changes led us to become a part of Element Materials Technology. Element is a network of over 200 laboratory locations around the world, five of which are in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. Our strengths are responsiveness to customer needs, quality, problem-solving, the diversity of our test offerings and our networking capabilities.

Our laboratory in St. Paul operates a full materials testing laboratory with mechanical testing, metallurgical testing, advanced materials testing, Nadcap certified nondestructive testing (NDT), certified weld inspection, failure analysis and chemistry services. We are among the most trusted providers of construction materials testing services in the US.

In addition, Element St. Paul offers a full product evaluation laboratory that delivers shock and vibration testing, corrosion HALT/HASS, finite element analyses, and professional engineering consulting services for custom product testing for our clients.

Element St. Paul has complete test centers for building products such as windows and doors, anchors and fasteners, as well as foam and mattresses, and a team of civil engineers who provide geotechnical and construction materials testing services all over the US and Canada.

Our services are accredited by A2LA, AASHTO, AMRL CCRL, ICC, and other applicable state and private agencies.

Element was fast to quote and process our materials testing needs.

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St. Paul Services

Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Find out more about our metallurgical testing expertise and our comprehensive range services, from grain size analysis to fractography.

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Material Properties Foam Testing

Non Metallic Materials Testing

Non metallic materials can be evaluated for strength, flexibility, fatigue, and many other physical properties. Understanding the limits of your material is vital in determining its integrity and lifespan.

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Building Product Testing

Building Products

Element delivers end-to-end solutions for the building products industry sector from a network of accredited laboratories and locations in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia Pacific.

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Geotechnical Services

Learn more about Element's wide range of high-quality geotechnical engineering and testing services for the public, commercial, and private sectors.

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Non Destructive Testing 640x480

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Find out about the range of NDT services Element uses to evaluate the properties of a material, parts, products, welds, or systems without materially affecting the integrity of the items being tested.

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Element is proud to support the fenestration industry with the unique ability to provide an array of services tailored to the window and door industry.

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Bedding and mattress testing

Bedding & Mattress Testing

Element provides expert mattress testing services to manufacturers in the consumer, medical, and institutional industries to evaluate product flammability, durability, and performance.

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Environmental Chamber Testing

Product Qualification Testing Services

Find out how Element provides critical compliance, reliability and qualification testing to clients in Aerospace, Transportation, Energy and more.

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Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • St Paul 9803 A2LA Mechanical Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 524.22 KB View
  • St Paul 9804 A2LA NDT Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 479.92 KB View
  • St Paul 9805 A2LA Construction Materials Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 455.82 KB View
  • St Paul AASHTO Accreditation
    PDF - 165.19 KB View
  • St Paul GE Aviation Approval T9500
    PDF - 19.32 KB View
  • St Paul ISTA Certificate ST 2358
    PDF - 668.87 KB View
  • St Paul Lockheed Martin Penetrant Testing Approval
    PDF - 195.34 KB View
  • St Paul Lockheed Martin Ultrasonic Testing Approval
    PDF - 117.2 KB View
  • St Paul NDT Nadcap Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 474.83 KB View
  • St Paul NFRC Accreditation Simulation Laboratory
    PDF - 836.51 KB View
  • St Paul NFRC Test Lab Certificate
    PDF - 1.18 MB View
  • St Paul Parker Aerospace Approval
    PDF - 31.35 KB View
  • St Paul UTC Aerospace Approval
    PDF - 113.88 KB View

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