About Element St. Paul

Element St. Paul has been in business since 1938, supporting its clients in a diverse range of industry sectors and testing a vast array of materials and products.

Our laboratory in St. Paul operates a full materials testing laboratory with mechanical, metallurgical, advanced materials, nondestructive testing (Nadcap certified), certified weld inspection, failure analysis and chemistry services. 

In addition, Element St. Paul offers a full product evaluation laboratory that delivers shock and vibration testing, corrosion HALT/HASS, finite element analyses, professional engineering consulting services for custom product testing for our clients.

Element St. Paul also has complete test centers for building products such as windows and doors, anchors and fasteners, as well as foam and mattresses, and a team of civil engineers who provide geotechnical and construction materials testing services all over the US and Canada. 

St. Paul Services

Approvals, accreditations and documents

  • St Paul 9803 A2LA Mechanical Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 499.78 KB View
  • St Paul 9804 A2LA NDT Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 458.33 KB View
  • St Paul 9805 A2LA Construction Materials Scope and Accreditation
    PDF - 428 KB View
  • St Paul AASHTO Accreditation
    PDF - 165.19 KB View
  • St Paul GE Aviation Approval T9500
    PDF - 23.99 KB View
  • St Paul GE Aviation GT193 Approval
    PDF - 25.57 KB View
  • St Paul ISTA Certificate ST 2358
    PDF - 672.78 KB View
  • St Paul Lockheed Martin Penetrant Testing Approval
    PDF - 195.34 KB View
  • St Paul Lockheed Martin Ultrasonic Testing Approval
    PDF - 117.2 KB View
  • St Paul NDT Nadcap Certificate and Scope
    PDF - 465.48 KB View
  • St Paul NFRC Accreditation Simulation Laboratory
    PDF - 836.51 KB View
  • St Paul NFRC Test Lab Certificate
    PDF - 881.87 KB View
  • St Paul Parker Aerospace Approval
    PDF - 31.35 KB View
  • St Paul UTC Aerospace Approval
    PDF - 58.83 KB View

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