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What are the benefits of conducting product Certification?

To fulfill regulatory obligations (or because you have to!)

The first reason for performing a product certification is that it is a mandatory, and often regulatory, requirement and therefore necessary in order to enable a product to be placed on the market or put into service.

In Europe, safety critical equipment, such as ATEX products, medical equipment or the most dangerous machinery, requires the involvement of an EU Notified Body. Some specialist radio equipment may also require intervention from a Notified Body. Whereas in North America there is a requirement to certify most industrial electrical equipment and radio transmitters to ensure that they are compliant and can be legally used.

Because it makes good commercial sense.

Certification schemes provide a cost effective access to a ‘Global’ Market place which otherwise would be closed to you. Markets can thus be expanded and product to market time reduced.

The international IECEE CB and IECEx Certification Schemes enable a manufacturer to demonstrate that their Electrical Equipment or equipment for explosive atmospheres meets with the technical requirements for all member countries (including all the major trading nations). A good example for the CB scheme is for obtaining safety certificates with our NRTL partner MET Laboratories which can be achieved without conducting any further testing or assessment.

Because it adds value. 

By performing a Certification you obtain an endorsement from an independent and competent technical authority that your equipment meets with the relevant requirements for your market - now and throughout the life of the certification. This is a powerful metric to differentiate your product from others and also to provide your clients with confidence that your products fully comply and thus mitigate their purchasing risks. 

Element’s ISO 17065 Accredited Certification Services:

Safety Certification Services


Notified Body for the Explosive Atmospheres Directive (ATEX D - 2014/34/EU)

Certification for equipment under the Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU)

Notified Body for the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC)


IECEE NCB  – Electrical Equipment (CB Scheme)

IECEx ExCB – Equipment for use in explosive atmospheres

EMC Certification Services


Notified body for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC D - 2014/30/EU)

Radio Certification Services


Notified Body for the Radio Equipment Directive (RE D - 2014/53/EU)

Notified Body for the Radio and Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE D - 1999/5/EC)

United States:

FCC Telecommunication Certification Body (TCB)


ISED Foreign Certification Body (FCB)


MIC Registered Certification Body (RCB)

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