Element laboratories retain a staff of experienced scientists and technicians who are trained to evaluate a vast range of hose products and materials by an equally broad set of tests and standards. 

In addition to assisting manufacturers with research, design, product performance, and failure analysis, Element experts also frequently consult on insurance, law enforcement, and litigation cases. Element knows how to conduct accurate, reliable hose and automotive product test services, and get you the answers you need.

Services Offered

  • High Flow & Low Flow
    • Gas , liquid, chemical, water, steam, water/glycol mixtures
  • Varying Temperatures
  • Liquid to Liquid Thermo-shock Testing
  • Pressure Proof and Burst Testing up to 50,000 psi
  • Pressure Pulse up to 10 Hz @ 8,000 psi (part of Fluids and Hyd Lab)
  • Helium & Refrigerant Leak Testing
    • HFO 1234yf Refrigerants
  • Extreme Temperature Environmental Testing Fluids and Gases
    • -54 Deg C to +175 Deg C
    • Rapid temperature capability 1.5~3.0 Deg C (Air and Oil)


  • 33 CFR § 183.590
  • Australian Design Rule 7/00
  • Australian Design Rules ADR 42/04 section 15
  • Chrysler PF-8190 
  • FMVSS106
  • FMVSS205
  • FMVSS302
  • FMVSS302/SAE J369
  • Ford ESA-M99P26-A
  • GM6405M
  • GMNA GM6140M
  • SAE J20
  • SAE J343
  • SAE J844
  • SAE J1131
  • SAE J1401
  • SAE J1402
  • SAE J1403
  • SAE J1405
  • SAE J1587
  • SAE J1833
  • TM 106 

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