General Product Safety Directive regulations cover traceability, batch marking and sample testing of products. Element’s General Product Safety Testing ensures all tested products comply with this directive.

The following are obliged to place only safe products on the market
  • Manufacturer of the product
  • Manufacturer's representative, if there is no representative the importer of the product
  • Other professionals in the supply chain, who may affect the safety properties of a product placed on the market.

Element’s General Product safety testing service is familiar with all the issues involving safety associated with your products. We can help you comply with all regulatory requirements for general product safety testing and labeling globally, in which a product is developed, produced or marketed.

This service will help you fulfill compliance requirements with the General Product Safety Directive regulations. We can help you implement a Global Product Safety Plan that provides a common yet flexible and effective means to implement and assure consistent and appropriate Product Safety assessment of Company operations and products throughout all businesses, and worldwide.

The General Product Safety Directive sets up a system for rapid exchange of information (RAPEX) concerning products posing a serious risk to consumers. The implementation of Rapex in the EU, allows officials in one country to report a dangerous product, the alert then goes out to all 27 EU member states. The rapid alert system is for all dangerous consumer products, with the exception of food, pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Third party testing can ensure that products are fit for purpose when placed on the market to avoid the need for product recalls!

Complimentary / Related Services:

For those that need guidance on the regulatory requirements for a particular product we can provide Early Stage Qualification (ESQ®) services to support them through the testing and approval of wireless products and components.  

Our Certification team provides the Certification Services required for Market Access for North America, Japan and Korea as well as Notified Body Services for Europe.  

Element's Global Approvals team provide services to help those looking to export their radio products into the Global Market place.


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