In an industry where failure is not an option, Element Materials Technology has an IPC-A-610 certified expert here to help you with your testing needs.  Our certification provides you with certainty that your electronic equipment testing is in accordance with IPC standards.

Element utilizes IPC-A-610F to visually assess any degradation in mechanical integrity, solder cracking, burn marks and discoloration, foreign object debris, whisker formation, dendritic growth, or flux residue on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Element utilizes IPC-TM-650 to conduct its cross-sectioning of PCBs to detect solder joint cracks, voids, lamination defects, poor wetting, land lift, and insufficient solder fill. IPC-A-610 provides the guidelines for accurate assembly and manufacturing of your electronic equipment.  These rigorous inspection standards help increase the quality of the product, and in turn will save you time and money by reducing errors, ensuring your customers receive fully functional products.  You can rest assured that your testing partner is taking efforts to continuously improve and provide you with the most up-to-date testing standards.

Working with Element will provide you with certainty, easing your mind that your testing is being done right the first time, every time. You need a partner that provides testing to your industry standards to meet your deadlines, getting your products to market quickly.  Let Element be your partner.


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