Solder joint reliability testing provides confidence that your product will perform as expected under the conditions it may encounter while in use.

Whether you are working to implement a new solder type or new component types, solder joint reliability testing gives you the information you need to understand how your solder joints perform and what conditions may cause them to fail. With the industrywide initiative to shift to lead-free solder and the increased prevalence of fine-pitched surface-mount packages that employ hundreds of solder joints, this type of testing is now more necessary but also more complex than ever. Companies want certainty that their new solder types and processes are reliable.

The results from different test programs can be compared to provide an understanding of design requirements for adequate reliability. This provides you with useful technical information for future designs, saving you time and money.


Solder Joint Failure Analysis

When solder joints fail during testing, our experts evaluate the component to determine the nature and root cause of the failure and advise on potential solutions. There are three major mechanisms of solder joint failure, which may happen concurrent to one another:

  • Tensile rupture or fracture due to mechanical overloading
  • Creep failure, or damage caused by a long-lasting permanent load or stress
  • Fatigue failure, or damage caused by cyclical loads or stresses


Solder Joint Reliability Test Methods

Thermal cycling is the most common method of testing Solder Joint Reliability. Common test specifications include JEDEC Standard JESD22-A104 and IPC 9701 (Performance Test Methods and Qualification Requirements for Surface Mount Solder Attachments).

Other test methods used for solder joint testing include:


The Element advantage

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