Element offers comprehensive services to support plant maintenance and surveillance programs for all types and sizes of mechanical and hydraulic snubbers.

Our engineers and technicians work with proven equipment to perform repair and functional testing on site or at our Element Huntsville facility, the only off-site Radioactive Material Licensed facility for snubber services in the country. This full-service, one-stop approach works to keep your plant on schedule during outages. Our Quality Assurance Program is approved by more than 40 utilities and is in accordance with applicable portions of 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, ANSI N45.2 and 10 CFR.

On-Site Snubber Services

Element's specially designed field service trailers and experienced professionals can provide complete in-service programs on-site during plant outages. Each trailer is a self-contained laboratory equipped with a test machine, a fill and purge system, bridge crane, rebuild tools and office space.

Off-Site Snubber Services

Our Nuclear Center of Excellence is the only service provider with a Radioactive Material License, which allows contaminated snubbers and other nuclear plant components to be repaired and tested.

Snubber Manufacturers

Element performs testing and repair services for:

  • • Anchor Darling Anvil
  • • Basic Engineers
  • • Bergen-Patterson
  • • Boeing
  • • E-System
  • • ITT Grinnell
  • • Lisega (Element is the authorized US Lisega service provider)
  • • McDowell Wellman
  • • Pathon
  • • Paul Munroe
  • • Power Piping
  • • PSA

Snubber Support Services

  • • Procedure and work package development
  • • Visual inspection
  • • Snubber removal and reinstallation
  • • Functional testing – large and small bore
  • • Large bore in-place testing
  • • Repair and overhaul
  • • Replacement parts procurement
  • • Quality assurance and health physics support

Personnel Certification

Element Snubber Program personnel are certified in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section XI and ANSI/ASME O&M requirements. Field personnel are pre-qualified and properly documented using recommendation letters, security clearances, fitness-for-duty screenings and other applicable information.

Element Snubber Customers Include:

• Braidwood
• Byron
• Comanche Peak
• Crystal River
• Diablo Canyon
• Farley
• Fermi
• Fort Calhoun
• Hatch
• Hope Creek
• Indian Point 2
• Kewaunee
• LaSalle
• Limerick
• Oyster Creek
• Palisades
• Peach Bottom
• Perry
• Quad Cities
• River Bend
• Salem
• San Onofre
• Shearon Harris
• Surry
• Susquehanna
• Three Mile Island
• Vogtle
• Waterford

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