John Moylan is a senior expert in the testing of polymer based composite materials for the global Aerospace sector.


John is a long standing and highly active member of multiple committees within his field and is highly regarded as an expert in all polymer based composite materials.


John has over 30 years of expertise testing polymer based composite materials. He joined Delsen Testing Laboratories in 1980 as a lab technician and has served as President since 1991, prior to acquisition by Element, focusing on the most critical testing needs of a global array of clients.

John has a BS in Chemistry from Bowling Green State University and an MBA from the University of Southern California. John’s most recent work includes the coordination of design allowables and qualification testing programs for aircraft clients including Northrop on the B-2, Lockheed on the F22 and F35 and the Boeing 787. John is highly regarded for his work on standardization and test methods. He is recognized for his help in the development of the SACMA series of test standards and played an active role with the FAA Fire Test Handbook. John is currently the CoChair of the CMH-17 testing working group and an active member of ASTM D30 and various IPC committees.

He has been an active member of SAMPE and serves on the SAMPE Foundation board, which works to enhance science and engineering education in schools across the country. Additionally, John is a voting member of the NADCAP Non-metallics Material Testing committee and has previously served as a member of the Electronic Components Certification Board.

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