The construction industry faces particular challenges in proving that the timber specified and supplied in a building project is from legal and sustainable sources.

Element’s market-leading team of certification experts, BM TRADA, provides FSC and PEFC project certification to prove that timber products are sourced responsibly. It is a process of independently verifying the use of timber and timber-based products in a project and allowing the organization to use the certification trademark to promote responsibility of sourced products.

Certification means individual projects, major refurbishments or one-off construction features, can obtain FSC or PEFC project certification. 

The benefits of FSC and PEFC project certification

FSC and PEFC project certification is a way of gaining independent verification for the use of certified timber in a construction project. Benefits include:

  • Proof of traceability – it provides independently verified assurance that the wood used originates from responsibly managed forests.
  • Independent third-party verification –proves the project has been thoroughly audited to an international standard
  • Promotion of the construction project - globally-recognized trademarks can be used to promote the credentials of the project and enable public claims to be about the use of certified timber during the build.
  • Assurance to clients - that they are contributing to environmental and economic best practice for the use of wood products.

Companies can assure suppliers and clients that their projects provide the highest levels of environmental, ecological, social and economic standards.

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