Enabling Innovation

As an international leader in testing and certification services for the connected technologies sector, Element works with many of the world’s leading technology companies, and across a wide range of technical forums and standards bodies, to help shape the future direction of a growing set of enabling technologies within the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Enabling Technologies 




Cellular 4G (LTE) 5G (FR1 FR2)

Discover how Element supports its customers with their current and future 4G (LTE), 5G (eMBB) and Ultra-Reliable & Low Latency Communication (URLLC) challenges.

Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)

Find out how Element can help you with your stray RF energy challenges created by your near-field and far-field WPT applications.

Ultra Wideband

Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

See how Element can help you to comply with all of the local and international relevant regulatory and industry certifications for your UWB solutions.

Radio Testing

Connectivity and Interoperability within Manufacturing

Find out how Element is supporting the increasing levels of connectivity and interoperability through 5G and Wifi6 in Manufacturing

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Field Interoperability Testing

Field Interoperability Testing (FIT)

Find out how Element supports mobile device OEMs and Network Operators with their Field Interoperability Testing challenges.

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Consumer Electronics

Find out how Element supports the testing and certification of consumer electronics products to the global market.


The Internet of Things

Find out how Element helps device manufacturers to navigate the complex path to technical and commercial compliance within the emerging global IoT sector.


Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Find out how Element tests wireless devices for compliance with radio frequency safety limits in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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Connected Technologies

Over The Air Testing Services

Find out how Element tests and certifies wireless devices to ensure they achieve effective radiated spatial performance for all relevant standards.

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