Partnering with local and in-country representatives, Element provides testing and certification to South American countries including Brazil, Peru, and Argentina. 

Some of our South American testing and certification services include:


  • IECEE CB Scheme testing and certification
  • AFTIC testing and certification for radio equipment and telecoms equipment
  • Assistance with in-country testing  


Brazil - ANATEL certification 

  • ANATEL testing and certification for electrical equipment, radio equipment, and telecoms equipment
  • IECEE testing for INMETRO certification
  • Assistance with in-country testing 


Chile - SUBTEL certification 

  • FCC and EU test reports for SUBTEL certification


Peru - MTC certification 

  • FCC and EU test reports are required for MTC certification


Uruguay - URSEC certification

  •  Testing and FCC and EU test reports for URSEC certification


Venezuela -  CONATEL certification

  • Testing and FCC test reports for CONATEL certification


The Element advantage

In addition to requirements for local representation of key markets, each country in South America has a unique system for product certification. Our Global Market Access (GMA) experts help you create test methods that satisfy the requirements of multiple countries, including certifications for IECEx equipment and machinery for coal, oil and gas production, telecoms, radio equipment, and more.


For more information about how to get your products approved for the South American market, or to get a quote, contact us today. 



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Top 5 Benefits of Pre-Certification Testing 

Pre-certification testing services are designed to help you achieve compliance and get your product to market while reducing costs, saving time and preserving resources.


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